Global business

In addition to seeing the breadth of technology being invented inside BT, Innovation 2017 is an opportunity to explore new external technologies, with around 25 companies from Innovation Martlesham (IM), a world class ICT cluster based on-site at Adastral Park, exhibiting at the event.

Besides being home to a diverse range of large, medium and small companies, IM is a ‘collaborative ecosystem’ for technology companies.  Amongst other things it provides physical and virtual office accommodation to support the demand from businesses and hosts networking opportunities and events.

At Innovation 2017 you’ll be able to meet the entrepreneurs and companies which operate in a variety of sectors that include telecoms, security and optics. We’ve spoken to Nicky Daniels, who leads the tech cluster, to find out why you should spend some of your day at the IM exhibition stands.

What can the Innovation Martlesham companies offer our corporate customers? How can they help with some of the challenges our customers face?

We know that many global companies face challenges around security, reducing carbon footprint or making the most of technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). The IM companies not only have innovative products and services available, but they offer solutions to the challenges above. Innovation 2017 is an opportunity to find out how some of these smaller, but quick to market companies can make a difference to global businesses.

Let me introduce you to a sample of these innovative companies:
  • ContactEngine is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that automates the conversations between corporates and their customers. The platform holds intelligent conversations with customers via their choice of device. By automating conversations, they make sure that crucial moments in that journey are executed with precision and minimum effort. These conversations cost less than they would if done from outbound call-centres, have double the customer-response rates, and improve operational efficiency.
  • Coderus is a young, fast growing company specialising in both mobile application and embedded software development. They deliver custom solutions to clients ranging from small businesses to major blue chip organisations, both in the UK and internationally. Recently they worked with BT to provide Ben Ainslie’s Land Rover BAR team with a tactical app, which will act as a virtual ‘seventh crew member’ to help gain a competitive edge in their bid to win the 35th America’s Cup this summer.
  • Smart Networked Environments specialise in the development and application of location-based services for connected spaces. Their smart indoor mapping solutions provide step-by-step navigation and feature-rich information services for use on web, kiosks and smartphones. Their WAI2Go software platform also improves operational efficiency when integrated with Building and Facilities Management Systems.
  • Wheatley Solutions supplies software solutions for managing data flows, market messaging and metering assets in the UK energy and water utilities sector.  Their solutions manage meter assets, meter operations and maximise the efficiency of the workers in the field.  Working with all sizes of organisations Wheatley delivers flexible, scalable and robust software applications with a range of hosting options.

What can our customers expect from the Innovation Martlesham exhibition at Innovation 2017?

Anyone visiting the IM exhibition area will get a feel of the open innovation that BT encourages at Adastral Park, firstly by the sheer number of high tech companies that are part of IM and secondly from the passion shared by the entrepreneurs.

Visitors will also be exposed to the cutting edge innovation that IM companies (from the likes of Huawei and Cisco to much smaller companies) are developing. Some of these innovations have been created alongside other members of the IM ecosystem, showing how collaboration is key for creating an innovative culture.

The Innovation Martlesham area can be found in the Dome at Innovation 2017, which takes place on 12 and 13 June. If you're interested in attending or bringing a colleague along with you simply share the event website with them and ask them to register.