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Join us at an exciting cyber innovation event on 13 Sept, showcasing 15 of the most innovative Israeli cyber security start-up companies.

Israel has justifiably built a reputation as the number one global location for cyber innovation and during this event you will hear from a hand-picked selection of their most impressive cyber security start-up companies. Discover more about security products and solutions at the cutting-edge, network with peers, share knowledge and learn how these technologies can help address the threats of the future.

The event, sponsored by BT, the UK Israel Tech Hub and Mishcon de Reya, takes place from 8:45 – 14:00 on Wednesday 13 September at the exclusive BT Tower, Maple Street, London.

Register now to find out what some of the start-ups leading in this space have to offer.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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08:45    Arrival & registration

   Welcome & opening keynote from BT

   Introduction to UK Israel Tech Hub

   Israeli start-up presentations

   Sponsor keynote: Mishcon de Reya

   Israeli start-up presentations

13:00   Networking lunch

14:00   Event close



BT Tower Events Centre
45 Maple Street

Directions to the BT Tower

BT Tower is located close to the Euston Road/Hampstead Rd Junction.

Travelling by Rail: Euston, Kings Cross, St. Pancras main railway stations are situated East of BT Tower within 15 mins walking distance.

By Underground: Warren Street Station - Victoria and Northern line Goodge Street Station - Northern Line Euston Station - Victoria and Northern line Great Portland Street Station - Metropolitan and Circle lines


Security arrangements for the BT Tower

We look forward to welcoming you to the BT Tower and would like to draw your attention to the following security arrangements.

On arrival at the BT Tower you will need to produce a form of official, photographic identification in addition to your invitation. A new style driving license, photo credit card, passport or official company pass will suffice. Business and Travel cards are not acceptable.



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Israeli start-up companies

BigID’s software redefines how enterprises find, analyse and de-risks identity data for today’s personal information (PI) protection, privacy and data governance problems. Unlike existing data protection tools that use classification algorithms to discover personal information, BigID uses a unique identity correlation approach that leverages the identifiability of personal information in order to find PI, and correlate it to the identity. This allows BigID to achieve capabilities imperative for compliance with the GDPR. BigID discovers personal information across structured, unstructured, big data, and cloud repositories while most existing tools are restricted to one or the other. BigID automates data flow mapping and enables continuous compliance by enabling collaboration with business stakeholders for the documentation of PI processing, and alerting on changes in PI automatically.

Cronus Cyber Technologies
Cronus Cyber is the first technology company in the world to develop a product that can continuously and automatically perform penetration testing, with the ability to perform tests 24/7 all year round. Our unique patented technology helps you focus on remediating those vulnerabilities that are actually exploitable and are a part of a validated "attack path" that may threaten your business processes. This helps close the gap between hacker's agility and corporate inefficiency in the patching process. For the first time you can know exactly how and why future hackers will threaten your business. We are the only Automated Pen Testing that is CREST approved. We can showcase global attack path scenarios to stop even the most complex attacks.


Cyberbit is one of Israel’s largest cybersecurity companies, providing an advanced product portfolio that protects enterprises and public sector organisations across Asia, Europe and the US. Cyberbit solutions empower enterprises to detect advanced threats in seconds, protect critical infrastructure, automate security operations center (SOC) workflows and train staff. With machine learning, big data and continuous technology advancements, Cyberbit maximises protection against today’s signature-less threats and arms organisations for tomorrow’s new dimension of attack. Cyberbit is a subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd. A world leading defense systems provider (NASDAQ and TASE: ESLT).


Cyberwrite enables insurance companies of all sizes to sell cyber insurance policies to their existing clientele and to new clients with optimised underwriting process using a cost-effective data driven technology approach. Our technology collects dedicated operational risk data automatically on each client from tens data sources and proprietary feeds. The system then translates this data into Cyber Insurance dedicated meaningful insights that enables the sales process for SMB’s and enterprises. This also provides the underwriters with the data they need to create maximum ROI on the product. Cyberwrite further provides aggregated risk analysis of the cyber policy book in order for the CRO to have visibility on the risk and avoid catastrophe. Our core technology is comprised of a unique combination of cyber security and operational security intelligence capabilities and insurance statistical models dedicated for cyber policies.


Cymulate Ltd
Cymulate’s advanced technology allows organisations to launch simulations of cyber-attacks against themselves, immediately providing vulnerabilities and mitigation procedures to close each gap. The centralised platform allows security testing through multiple attack vectors such as e-mail, browsing, internal network (Lateral Movement), human, Data Exfiltration, WAF and SOC Simulation. Fully-automated and diversified attacks allow for complete security testing anytime, providing organisations with a better understanding of their security posture while continuously improving it. By eliminating false positive, Cymulate delivers only accurate and actionable results. Cymulate's platform is the only cyber-attack simulation solution that simplifies the process of risk assessment. By using a single agent per network, we are allowing a quick and simple implementation and the ability to launch an automated, comprehensive and precise assessment within only 7mins.


CySur’s Cyber-Risk assessment solution enables insights on companies’ cyber risk without requiring them to fill long, and hard questionnaires. Using artificial intelligence technology we take indicators such as security certifications, email providers, technologies in use, employee titles, and more, and create models predicting the risk for various cyber-incidents. Our technology then collects the information on assessed companies feeding them into the models and provide insights. While other zero-interaction cyber risk assessment platforms rely on both infection data feeds, we collect a wider set of indicators. This helps improve the assessment on a number of layers and is not limited by the ability to map IP address to companies (which limits the knowledge to about 100K largest companies). Our solution allows for a wider and more precise understanding of the various risks as well as provides insights into what affects cyber-risk, allowing call for action to improve cyber risk posture.
Zero-interaction assessment allows understanding risks third party providers create, understanding cyber-insurance risks and more.


Dyadic Security
Dyadic is the first company to apply revolutionary breakthroughs in mathematics to break the boundaries of hardware and still achieve the highest level of security via software. What decades ago seemed like mere theory is now put into practice to secure the world's most valuable assets, with a mathematical guarantee. Dyadic is pioneering the practical applications of Multiparty Computation (MPC) which has been the subject of theoretical research for decades. MPC allows untrusting parties to compute on each other’s data without revealing the actual data - maintaining absolute privacy for all parties involved. Dyadic uses MPC to power a wide range of solutions that release organizations from the limitations of hardware and enable them to expand freely into digital and cloud-native services. Solutions such as encryption key security (HSM), authentication, digital signing and data protection, private data sharing, and biometrics can now be done entirely with software, without compromising on security or privacy.


The GuardiCore Centra Security Platform provides the five critical capabilities needed to secure workloads in modern data centers and clouds: flow visualisation, micro-segmentation, breach detection, automated analysis and response. Using a lightweight component, the Centra Security Platform monitors all connections, discovers and tracks process-level activity and correlates it with network events, providing security administrators with a dynamic visual map of workload communication flows across all data centers, clouds and hybrid infrastructures. Multiple breach detection methods including patented dynamic deception, reputation analysis and segmentation policies, detect malicious activity faster and with greater intelligence. Centralised management performs semantic analysis of connections and attacker’s activity, provides high-fidelity incident alerts and the ability to search for the full spread of the breach, accelerating investigation, mitigation and remediation of infected servers. With Enterprise-grade scalability, resiliency and performance, Centra integrates with all major virtualisation and orchestration platforms and public cloud providers.


CyberThings by MindoLife is an IoT intelligent software platform for highly secured communication, dynamic network management and SDK for integrating CyberThings platform into your product. The CyberThings platform and cloud services handles network and security issues, enabling organisations to develop highly secured and reliable systems, focusing on their own business logic. The core of the CyberThings security intelligent platform is its unique communication protocol and the intrusion detection and prevention modules that monitor all communications in real time and protect the system from exposing data or being controlled by an attacker.


SAM Seamless Network
SAM is a security software integrated in home-gateways delivering Visibility, IoT Security policy and protection form cyber threats.  SAM can integrate to any platform\ gateway and provide valuable threat and user analytics.


Secret Double Octopus
Effective authentication cannot be sustained by traditional and ‘as usual’ methods. There needs to be change, innovation, to match the demand of emerging technologies.  Secret Double Octopus is that change. Our solution is the first comprehensive platform to replace keys and passwords.


SecuPi offers behaviour analytics and compliance for web and enterprise applications. SecuPi focuses on the most important asset of the organisation: sensitive data, while others rely on circumstantial evidence. SecuPi provides visibility, analytics and controls on user access to the actual sensitive data. Our central policy engine uses light application-server agents to discover and map sensitive data flows, monitor data access, detect abnormal behaviour and apply reaction, dynamic masking and encryption with no code changes. SecuPi enables organisations to comply with GDPR's toughest regulations including "right to be forgotten", "records of activity processing" and offers a solution for consent processing controls and pseudonymisation.


SecuredTouch behavioural biometric technology strengthens security and reduce fraud while improving customers’ digital experience. The product continuously verifies mobile users' identities by analysing their physical behaviour, in a way that is transparent to end users. Unlike conventional authentication methods which rely on passwords, device fingerprinting or geo-location, SecuredTouch focuses primarily on the user. It creates a unique profile for each user by collecting and analysing more than 100 physical behaviour parameters, such as user finger pressure, finger size, and touch coordinates. Using proprietary machine-learning algorithms, user behaviour is continuously validated against the custom-generated user profile, allowing for real-time identity verification behind the scenes.


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